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Learn about our Community CPR/AED classes and other rapid response training recommendations for the general public.

An Introduction

All responding St. John Rescue members are Certified Emergency First Responders at minimum with additional training in Marine Safety and Rescue, rappelling, and vehicle extrication.

Our Areas of Training

Community CPR. First Responder. Marine Rescue. Extrication. Rappelling. Read more on these below.

What we do

EMS, the National Park, Police, Fire, etc. may call on us when they need additional assistance at the site of an incident, as we have specialized skills that can be critical – vehicle stabilization, extrications, triage training, etc. We also have specialized tools that can be of value including jaws of life, portable AED’s, oxygen kits, etc. Our responding STJ members Certified First Responders, and a few of our members are certified EMT’s. We respond primarily to requests from 911 dispatch.

EMR (First responder)/ EMT

All responding members of St John Rescue are at minimum currently certified as Emergency Medical Responders (EMR). The standard EMR course is a forty-hour certification program.

St John Rescue operates in areas that require additional training to assist the community during emergency situations. Management, General Pharmacology, Respiration Emergencies, Environmental Emergencies, Acute Abdominal Emergencies, Diabetic Emergencies, Allergic Reactions, Poisoning and Overdose, Behavioral Emergencies, Soft-Tissue Injuries, Musculoskeletal Injuries, Injuries to Head and Spine, Obstetrical Emergencies, Gynecological Emergencies, Childbirth and Complications, Care of the Newborn, Assessing the Pediatric Patient, Medical Emergencies in Children, Airway Management in Pediatrics, Trauma Emergencies and Care in Children, water rescue, water safety, rappelling, and extrication.

The Emergency Medical Responder course is typically offered throughout the year. Contact us for the next scheduled course start date. All course fees for members are covered by St. John Rescue.

In addition to the EMR Course, St. John Rescue has offered the EMT-Basic course and continues to offer training to its members and the community for CEU’s. Contact us for details about the course or CEU qualifying training credits.

Marine and water rescue unit

St John Rescue has a 26 foot Power Cat Marine Rescue Boat as well as a 31 foot RIB. These vessels are used for assisting in water rescue and quick response to remote beaches and bays along the shores of St.  John while utilizing surface and underwater assets. The Marine Rescue Unit has  USCG licensed captains who are supported by fellow USCG licensed captains and crew. The unit trains every week to ensure proficiency with all tools and emergency medical supplies on board. St. John Rescue Marine Unit can communicate and be of assistance to any agency in the Virgin Islands including US Coast Guard, NPS, and VITEMA.

If you are knowledgeable in this area, or are interested in learning, please consider joining us as a Responding or Supporting Member.

Vehicle Extrication

St. John Rescue has specialized training for extrication. The specialized unit within the organization trains monthly under the direction of certified members. The Organization’s “Jaws of Life” are Holmatro hydraulic rescue tools used by our team to assist in vehicle extrication during crashes, as well as from other confined spaces. There are many different types of attachments that can assist the responding unit with their mission.

We offer monthly training for the Extrication Unit. If you are knowledgeable in this area, or are interested in learning, please consider joining us as a Responding or Supporting Member.

High Angle Rappelling unit

With St. John being located on a hilly island with inclines of over 1,500 feet, St John Rescue is often called upon to rappel down these cliffs to assist in medical cases. With only one other government agency equipped or trained in rappelling, St John Rescue is often contacted for these incidents. The rappelling unit trains in rescue rappelling, rescue rigging, rescue hauls, rescue rappel devices, rescue knots, safety procedures and protocols, rescue gear, and emergency belaying, while also deploying emergency first-aid.

St. John Rescue offers monthly training for the rappelling unit. If you are knowledgeable in this area, or are interested in learning, please consider joining us as a Responding or Supporting Member.



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