First of all, we’d like to thank you for your support on our GoFundMe campaign. We’re over halfway to our goal in just 3 days!

We are so thankful for your contributions that have helped us to secure private jets, high-tech medical and rescue equipment, a K-9 rescue team, and the volunteer services of dozens of highly trained medical professionals. Stateside, our team is working furiously with our coalition partners and incredible individuals and delivering essentials directly┬áto St. John. On the island, volunteers and survivors have come together to provide rescue, communications, food/water and support to countless St. Johnians from Cruz Bay to Coral Bay. We are making progress, thanks to donations and the generous spirit of St. John that earned the island its nickname of “Love City.” We could not have done it without your assistance.

So far we have spent $70,000 on Communications equipment to get a large portion of Cruz Bay internet. $10,000 to secure gasoline for the citizens of St John, $50,000 to secure a private helicopter for the sole use of St John Rescue, $35,000 in technology for our SAR team. Along with many other expenses.

Unfortunately, the need is greater than anyone anticipated. Many St. Johnians remain missing. Homes and businesses have been destroyed, public infrastructure decimated. Nearly every wooden structure has suffered severe damage. Currently, we are in desperate need of food, water purification, fuel, generators, medical supplies, and clothing. There is a long road before us. We need your support today to aid in the months and, frankly, years of recovery ahead.

St. John is coming together with steady resolve to meet these challenges head-on. But we cannot do it without your support. Please click here to make a tax deductible contribution today. Help us rescue St. John from the brink of disaster and restore it to its former glory.


St. John Rescue