Good morning St. John family. Every day is getting better. We have secured a boardroom at the hotel to operate out of. As more people evacuate we are putting them to work to help others. Today I was out front of the hotel we are operating out of and there was a women sleeping on the ground. Two dogs tied to her bag. Water bowl knocked over. I approached her and tapped on her shoulder. “M’am, M’am are you OK?” She wakes up and begins to cry. I said where are you from? She replied “St. John.” I asked for her ID and she showed it to me. I asked her a few questions and she responded with the correct answers. She was living in Adrian but was evicted before the storm. She was in the shelter but was asked to leave because of her dogs. After the storm she was donating her time to feed others out of 420 to Center. She got to Fajardo in PR via the Cruz Bay 1 ferry which is bringing people here and dropping them off. They are being bused to the airport. Unfortunately, due to the mass evacuations there are not enough flights. We need the airlines to send more planes and in some cases if possible provide free travel vouchers. We need the government to provide temporary housing and in some cases flight vouchers as well. We got this woman a hotel room, dog food, a hot meal and flight to her family tomorrow. We will send someone to the airport with her and the two dogs to make sure she gets on her flight OK. One more saved only a few thousand to go. We are in this for the long haul. Please understand your donations are being put to good use. Please know with this evacuees permission we are posting a photo and her story. We love you all with all our hearts. St. John family please know we are doing everything we can and will not sleep until everyone is safe. Stay strong, stay safe and stay positive. This is the greatest honor of our lives and we will be with you until the very last person has the help they need. We love you!!!